Class yeesoft\page\models\Page

Inheritanceyeesoft\page\models\Page » yeesoft\db\ActiveRecord » yii\db\ActiveRecord

This is the model class for table "page".

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
attributeLabels() yeesoft\page\models\Page
behaviors() yeesoft\page\models\Page
find() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getAuthor() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getCommentStatusList() GetCommentStatusList yeesoft\page\models\Page
getCommentStatusText() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getCreatedDate() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getCreatedDatetime() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getCreatedTime() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getFullAccessPermission() Get permission to check whether the access is denied to users who are not authors of item. yeesoft\page\models\Page
getOwnerField() Returns name of field in the model indicating the author's id. Is used only when $ownerAccessPermission is set yeesoft\page\models\Page
getPublishedDate() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getPublishedDatetime() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getPublishedTime() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getRevision() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getStatusList() GetTypeList yeesoft\page\models\Page
getStatusOptionsList() GetStatusOptionsList yeesoft\page\models\Page
getStatusText() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getUpdatedBy() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getUpdatedDate() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getUpdatedDatetime() yeesoft\page\models\Page
getUpdatedTime() yeesoft\page\models\Page
init() yeesoft\page\models\Page
isMultilingual() Returns TRUE if model support multilingual behavior. yeesoft\db\ActiveRecord
rules() yeesoft\page\models\Page
tableName() yeesoft\page\models\Page
updateRevision() yeesoft\page\models\Page


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
COMMENT_STATUS_CLOSED 0 yeesoft\page\models\Page
COMMENT_STATUS_OPEN 1 yeesoft\page\models\Page
STATUS_PENDING 0 yeesoft\page\models\Page
STATUS_PUBLISHED 1 yeesoft\page\models\Page

Method Details

attributeLabels() public method

public void attributeLabels ( )
behaviors() public method

public void behaviors ( )
find() public static method

public static yeesoft\page\models\PageQuery find ( )
return yeesoft\page\models\PageQuery

The active query used by this AR class.

getAuthor() public method

public void getAuthor ( )
getCommentStatusList() public static method


public static array getCommentStatusList ( )
getCommentStatusText() public method

public void getCommentStatusText ( )
getCreatedDate() public method

public void getCreatedDate ( )
getCreatedDatetime() public method

public void getCreatedDatetime ( )
getCreatedTime() public method

public void getCreatedTime ( )
getFullAccessPermission() public static method

Get permission to check whether the access is denied to users who are not authors of item.

public static void getFullAccessPermission ( )
getOwnerField() public static method

Returns name of field in the model indicating the author's id. Is used only when $ownerAccessPermission is set

public static void getOwnerField ( )
getPublishedDate() public method

public void getPublishedDate ( )
getPublishedDatetime() public method

public void getPublishedDatetime ( )
getPublishedTime() public method

public void getPublishedTime ( )
getRevision() public method

public void getRevision ( )
getStatusList() public static method


public static array getStatusList ( )
getStatusOptionsList() public static method


public static array getStatusOptionsList ( )
getStatusText() public method

public void getStatusText ( )
getUpdatedBy() public method

public void getUpdatedBy ( )
getUpdatedDate() public method

public void getUpdatedDate ( )
getUpdatedDatetime() public method

public void getUpdatedDatetime ( )
getUpdatedTime() public method

public void getUpdatedTime ( )
init() public method

public void init ( )
rules() public method

public void rules ( )
tableName() public static method

public static void tableName ( )
updateRevision() public method

public void updateRevision ( )