Class yeesoft\media\models\AlbumSearch

Inheritanceyeesoft\media\models\AlbumSearch » yeesoft\media\models\Album » yeesoft\db\ActiveRecord » yii\db\ActiveRecord

AlbumSearch represents the model behind the search form about yeesoft\media\models\Album.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
attributeLabels() yeesoft\media\models\Album
behaviors() yeesoft\media\models\Album
find() yeesoft\media\models\Album
getAlbums() Return all albums. yeesoft\media\models\Album
getCategory() yeesoft\media\models\Album
getFullAccessPermission() Get permission to check whether the access is denied to users who are not authors of item. yeesoft\media\models\Album
getMedia() yeesoft\media\models\Album
getOwnerField() Returns name of field in the model indicating the author's id. Is used only when $ownerAccessPermission is set yeesoft\media\models\Album
init() yeesoft\media\models\Album
isMultilingual() Returns TRUE if model support multilingual behavior. yeesoft\db\ActiveRecord
rules() yeesoft\media\models\AlbumSearch
scenarios() yeesoft\media\models\AlbumSearch
search() Creates data provider instance with search query applied yeesoft\media\models\AlbumSearch
tableName() yeesoft\media\models\Album

Method Details

rules() public method

public void rules ( )
scenarios() public method

public void scenarios ( )
search() public method

Creates data provider instance with search query applied

public \yii\data\ActiveDataProvider search ( $params )
$params array