Class yeesoft\media\controllers\ManageController

Inheritanceyeesoft\media\controllers\ManageController » yeesoft\controllers\admin\BaseController » yeesoft\controllers\BaseController » yii\web\Controller

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$_implementedActions array yeesoft\controllers\admin\BaseController

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
findModel() Finds the model based on its primary key value. yeesoft\controllers\admin\BaseController
getRedirectPage() Define redirect page after update, create, delete, etc yeesoft\controllers\admin\BaseController
renderIsAjax() Render ajax or usual depends on request yeesoft\controllers\BaseController

Property Details

$disabledActions public property
public $disabledActions = ['view''create''toggle-attribute''bulk-activate''bulk-deactivate''bulk-delete''grid-sort''grid-page-size']
$enableCsrfValidation public property
public $enableCsrfValidation false
$modelClass public property
public $modelClass 'yeesoft\media\models\Media'

Method Details

actionDelete() public method

Delete model with medias

public array actionDelete ( $id )
actionIndex() public method

public void actionIndex ( )
actionInfo() public method

Render model info

public string actionInfo ( $id, $strictThumb null )
$id int
$strictThumb string

Only this thumb will be selected

actionResize() public method

Resize all thumbnails

public void actionResize ( )
actionUpdate() public method

Updated media by id

public array actionUpdate ( $id )
actionUpload() public method

Provides upload file

public mixed actionUpload ( )
actionUploader() public method

public void actionUploader ( )
beforeAction() public method

public void beforeAction ( $action )
behaviors() public method

public void behaviors ( )