Class yeesoft\auth\models\forms\ConfirmEmailForm

Inheritanceyeesoft\auth\models\forms\ConfirmEmailForm » yii\base\Model

Property Details

$email public property
public string $email null
$user public property
public yeesoft\models\User $user null

Method Details

attributeLabels() public method

public array attributeLabels ( )
getTokenTimeLeft() public method

public int getTokenTimeLeft ( $inMinutes false )
$inMinutes bool
init() public method

Remove confirmation token if it's expiration date is over

public void init ( )
rules() public method

public void rules ( )
sendEmail() public method

public bool sendEmail ( $performValidation true )
$performValidation bool
validateEmailConfirmedUnique() public method

Check that there is no such confirmed E-mail in the system

public void validateEmailConfirmedUnique ( )